Independent Student Loan Consulting


Help for Undergraduates

PGPresents would be pleased to work with you to help you develop a repayment strategy for your student loans, especially if you are considering additional study in a graduate and professional program. However, please note the following as you consider seeking our help:

  1. Consultations are always done with the student borrower and all information submitted to PGPresents for a consultation should be from the student borrower, not their parents. Parents are welcome to sit in on the consultation as long as the student borrower approves such, but it is important that the consultation occurs with the student borrower, regardless of parental support. We appreciate your help in this regard.

  2. Parents who have borrowed PLUS Loans (formerly called Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students) to help fund undergraduate education may want to refer to under Managing Repayment for information on repayment options for these loans. The repayment options are somewhat limited, especially when it comes to repayment plans tied to income.

Should you be interested in our help, please see Help for Non-Medical School Graduates and submit the appropriate forms to us.

Thank you.