Independent Student Loan Consulting


Information for Private Loan Borrowers

In general, private loans do not carry the same flexibility with regard to repayment and postponement options as do federal loans. However, they are sometimes a necessity for undergraduates who need additional funds over and beyond federal loans programs. In addition, some graduate and professional students opt to borrow private loans either in lieu of or in addition to federal loan programs, especially if they can secure a lower interest rate.

While PGPresents can help all borrowers, including those with private loans, please note that there is nothing we can do to change the actual terms and conditions of any private loans you already have. When working with borrowers with private loans, we try and assist in the following ways:

  • Help ensure you know all the terms and conditions of any private loans you already have.
  • Help you use the repayment and postponement flexibility on any federal loans you have to have to free up funds to pay your private loans.
  • Discuss refinancing options, if they are available (private lenders have their own criteria for refinancing student loans).

Should you be interested in our help, please be sure to list any private loans you have on the Client Intake Form for either Non-Medical School Graduate or Medical Residents and Fellows.

Thank you.